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Titan II

Precast Management System

Designed specifically for the Precast Concrete Industry, Titan II combines critical administrative and management processes into one easy-to-use software package.

Certain to reduce overhead cost, Titan II will streamline many of the daily processes that producers face.

From Job Order processing to Production Scheduling through Accounts Receivable collections, Titan II, was designed to help producers follow customer orders all the way through the Precast process.

Titan II Processes
  • Sanitary and Storm water Estimating System

  • Production Drawings

  • Round or Rectangular Structures

  • Quote Management

  • Job Tracking / Sales Order Processing

  • Production Scheduling

  • Inventory Management

  • MRP - Materials Requirement Planning

  • Delivery Processing

  • Invoice Processing

  • Purchase Order Processing

  • Accounts Receivable Processing

  • Accounts Payable Processing

  • General Ledger Processing

  • Financial Reporting

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